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Hey there! I’m Sharon. Welcome to the Corner of My Home!

I'm SharonSince opted to be a stay-at-home mum, I have been learning to cook. My better half and two teenage kids are my best food critics.

In order to cook a larger variety of dishes and better my cooking skills, I began to cook more complicated dishes. This led to using more herbs and spices, Subsequently, they start accumulating in my pantry.

At times, certain ones are only used once and forgotten. Other times, I bought what was still available. My bad for not checking thoroughly. Before I knew it, they are at the end of shelf life. I dislike wastages and feel guilty about throwing them away.

I started looking for more recipes that use herbs and spices which I still have in hand and found a lot more useful information. There are many uses for herbs and spices besides enhancing flavour in cooking. Furthermore, found that most of them provide powerful health benefits.


I am sharing my knowledge and experience here, hoping that you will be able to use them wisely and effectively.

If you are in the same predicament as I, what to do with leftover herbs and spices, you are at the correct site. There are loads of interesting ways to use them.

My herbs and spices quest – searching, learning and sharing my journey.

Please feel free to leave your feedback, comments and ideas to share. I can be contacted at sharon@cornerofmyhome.com. Would love to learn from you!

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Thank you for dropping by and I wish you a happy day!

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