About Herbs and Spices

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Looking into my pantry stocked with a variety of herbs and spices, what to do?… what to cook? To be able to use them correctly, knowing the herbs and spices by their characteristic will definitely help.

Firstly, and as an introduction, let’s find out the 

difference between HERB & SPICE

Herb comes from the leafy and green part of the plant, either fresh or dried. However, it is most effectual and aromatic when used fresh. Mostly grown in temperate to hot regions.

Spice is the root, stem, bulb, bark, berries or seeds of the plant, usually dried. It is generally used in small amounts and best used dried. Mostly grown in subtropical or tropical climates.

It is possible for one plant to provide a herb and a spice. For example, Coriandrum Sativum, the leaves are used as the herb cilantro while the seed is used as the spice coriander.

Both herbs and spices are used to add flavour, aroma, colour, texture and nutrients to food. It is also known to preserve food and cure illness. Generally, spices have a more pungent flavour than herbs.

Imagine what food will be like without the unique flavours?

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