Make your own herb infused oil, prepared with love

About Herb Infused Oil – Make Your Own

A few years back, I received a jar of herb-infused oil as a gift and it left an impression on me. It was not an expensive gift but what I love was that how something as simple as fresh herbs can be turned into a lovely gift. If you have more fresh herbs than you need for cooking, consider using them for infused oil. Let’s find out more about herb infused oil and how to make your own. It will be an enjoyable process for sure.

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Fun & Unique Kitchen Gadgets Gifts Under $20

Fun & Unique Kitchen Gadgets Gifts

Looking for affordable gifts but fun and unique? Not only that, you want people who receive your gift to actually use it. Over the years, I have received gifts I hardly use. Being a stay-at-home mom, the kitchen is my common area and I know the following kitchen gadgets are fun and useful for people who cook often. Some of these gadgets you didn’t even know existed. Go on, check it out!

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Preserve your herbs. Get the best food dehydrator for home use.

What is the Best Food Dehydrator for Herbs

Dehydrating herbs is a great way and one of the simplest way to preserve your fresh herbs for use year-round. Whether you grow your own herbs or store-bought leftovers, surely you want to avoid spoilage and wastages. Dehydrating or drying herbs removes the moisture and it is in the dehydrated form that your herbs will keep longer. Moreover, when the season changes you need not worry about difficulty buying or growing.

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Find out exactly what is in five spice powder to make your own

What is Five Spice Powder

Have you ever wondered what five spice powder is? Well, all I know was it is a spice mixture primarily used in Chinese cooking. I assumed there are 5 types of spices combined because of the word “five” as indicated. Is it true or false? Read on to find out the answer. Also, you will be delighted to know that you are able to make your own too – your own creation of the five spice powder!

You may also want to find out if five spice powder has any health benefits. Read on…

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How to Dehydrate Herbs

There are several ways to preserve your herbs – making your own herb-infused oil, herb butter, herb salt or seasoning blends. If you have more than enough and not sure what to do with them, the next best thing to do is dehydrate your fresh herbs. Doing so, you will not run out of herbs for cooking. Furthermore, your own dried herbs will have better flavor and aroma than store-bought because they are newer, hence more pungent.

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Homemade Acne Treatment using herbs, spices and cooking ingredients from your kitchen

What is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens

Help! There is an outburst at home. What do you think it is? One of the worst nightmares for any teenager. Yes, acne outburst. Any teenager or adult would definitely be agitated at the sign of acne or pimples. You could look for over the counter treatment for acne but homemade acne treatment is worth considering. If you like to find out what the best acne treatment for teens is and using kitchen herbs and spices sound good to you, read on. This is probably the most natural way to clear acne.

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What is the canker sore and find out what is the best treatment for canker sores

Home Treatment for a Canker Sore You Should Know

The canker sore is very common in my household. While it is not contagious, the discomfort is unpleasant. For me, the most annoying is having difficulties eating. Here, I will share with you some home treatment for a canker sore. At the Corner of My Home, it is all about herbs and spices. So, let’s find out which herb can “spice” that mouth ulcer.

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Mace is a less common spice worth knowing. Find out what mace is for in cooking and baking, and you will be amazed.

What is Mace – A Less Common Spice Derived from Nutmeg

By now, you and I are very familiar with the common herbs and spices in our kitchen and what we can do with them. How about those less common? For this instance, Mace. You may know mace as the “mace spice” but I knew it by a different name – nutmeg “flower”. This was the name I’ve been told since young. I may have misunderstood or simply didn’t bother to find out. Well, I was just a kid then. Now, I found out that it actually comes from the nutmeg fruit itself. Let’s find out what is mace for and how can you use it for cooking? Does it have nutritional value benefiting your health? You must read on…

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Homemade vegetable stock powder is made with fresh vegetables, herbs and salt blended together.

What is Vegetable Stock Powder

Why would you want to make your own vegetable stock powder? It is a hassle gathering all the ingredients and takes time making. Well, you may want to reconsider this. It may take time and effort but it is definitely a healthier choice. The commercial vegetable stock powder is loaded with sodium and not forgetting the various ingredients you may find difficult pronouncing. Before you decide to make your own or not, let’s find out exactly what vegetable stock powder is and how to use it in your cooking. Its health benefits and convenience of having it in hand makes it worth making your own.

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Herbs that Grow in the Shade

Herbs that Grow in the Shade

All you want is some fresh herbs for cooking and wonder if there are any herbs that grow in the shade. Living in a city apartment, one does not have much choice of choosing a unit with plenty of bright sunshine. Do not let this deter you from growing your own herbs. There are several shade-tolerant herbs to grow in your apartment. Let’s find out what herbs don’t need the full sun.

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