Grow Your Own Herbs

Grow your own herbs for a continuous supply of fresh herbs all year round. Why not? If you cook almost every day, I am sure you will love the idea of having them fresh at your fingertips.

Buying from your local market may have a minimum amount for the purchase. Worse, when the ones you need are not available. Wouldn’t you be frustrated? I know I will.

So, why are you not growing your own fresh herbs?

Probably, your answer is one of the following

  • Limited space
  • Insufficient daylight or simply
  • Do NOT know how

Now, do not let the “do not know how” stop you from growing your own. Getting your hands a little bit dirty is alright when you know those amazing herbs enhance the flavour of the dishes. Not forgetting the nutritional value they give.

Grow indoor herbs year round

How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Firstly, choose the types of herbs that grow year-round and those that can grow indoors too. In this case, you will not have to worry when the season changes.

There are several ways to grow herbs

  • Grow from seeds
  • Transplant nursery-raised seedlings
  • Grow from cuttings off outdoor plants or fresh herb stalks from the local market

Learning how to grow herbs all year round can be a fun experience. But you may also find it troublesome looking for the supplies and buying them separately. You will need pots, soil, gardening tools etc. Hassle not. The solution is to get an all-in-one herb starter kit.

Urban Leaf Herb Starter Kit

Start with a small and affordable set. As your knowledge in growing your own herbs improves, scale up from there.

Space is a concern. I hear you.

There is a brilliant way to grow herbs in small spaces. Plant herbs in the strawberry pot or stackable planter. You may even start an indoor vertical herb garden. Now, visualize your assortment of herbs stacked up and growing healthily in a small space. A beautiful view with a wonderful scent. Having them indoors, they are just a few steps away from your cooking corner.


You might be living in an apartment without a balcony or the window sills receive limited natural light. In this case, you will need a grow light for indoor plants to help the growing process.

Self Watering Indoor Planter


Forget to water your herb plants or the need to travel for work or leisure prevent you from growing herbs? I have a solution for you. Start a self-watering indoor herb garden.

Do not know where to start? Don’t worry. Take your time to find out more information. All the above-mentioned articles can help you get started.

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