Make your own herb infused oil, prepared with love

About Herb Infused Oil – Make Your Own

A few years back, I received a jar of herb-infused oil as a gift and it left an impression on me. It was not an expensive gift but what I love was that how something as simple as fresh herbs can be turned into a lovely gift. If you have more fresh herbs than you need for cooking, consider using them for infused oil. Let’s find out more about herb infused oil and how to make your own. It will be an enjoyable process for sure.

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Mace is a less common spice derived from nutmeg

What is Mace – A Less Common Spice Derived from Nutmeg

By now, you and I are very familiar with the common herbs and spices in our kitchen and what we can do with them. How about those less common? For this instance, Mace. You may know mace as the “mace spice” but I knew it by a different name – nutmeg “flower”. This was the name I’ve been told since young. I may have misunderstood or simply didn’t bother to find out. Well, I was just a kid then. Now, I found out that it actually comes from the nutmeg fruit itself. Let’s find out what is mace for and how can you use it for cooking? Does it have nutritional value benefiting your health? You must read on…

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Allspice is a single spice and Mixed spice IS the blend of several spices

Allspice Same as Mixed Spice – NO, they are NOT

Do not mistake allspice as the mixed spice because these two are totally different. I nearly made that mistake when following a recipe. It asked for mixed spice. At first thought, I wanted to grab the allspice but my doubtful and curious mind stopped me. I will share with you here, what they are and how to use them. You need to be careful of that first thought – Allspice Same as Mixed Spice. This could lead to an unpleasant taste. You don’t want this. Are you curious to know what I intend to cook or bake? Now, read on to find out…

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Bay leaves add a distinctive flavor and fragrance to any dish

What is the Purpose of Bay Leaf in Cooking

When you cook following a recipe, what would you do if it calls for a particular herb or spice which you do not have? I will omit it. Especially so when the recipe calls for a teeny-weeny amount. In my case, it was ONE piece of bay leaf. This was many years ago. Now, my advice to you is NOT to omit this superb piece of leaf. Even though it is just one piece. You must be wanting to know – what is the purpose of bay leaf and how does 1 bay leaf in a recipe affect the outcome of a dish? Follow me and I will tell you…

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Dogs can eat fresh herbs and spices but not all

Can Dogs Eat Herbs

My curiosity got the better of me and I found out something interesting. Here am I sharing with you how else to use your herbs – share with your dog! You will surely ask, ‘Really! Can dogs eat herbs?’. Why not? In fact, spices too.

Herbs and spices add delectable flavours to our home cooked meals and give us the nutritional boost. Should you have more than enough to use, why not share them with our four-legged friend. A dog needs nutrition too. Find out how to spice up its meal with herbs and spices, keeping it healthy and flavourful too. On the other hand, there are herbs and spices that can hurt your dog. Read on to discover which.

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Cardamom can be used in cooking, baking and in beverages too

How is Cardamom Used

The reason I bought cardamom was to cook one of my favourite dishes. And it was my bad for buying another pack before checking thoroughly. More so for storing it in the wrong kitchen drawer, not my usual spice corner. So now, what to do with the cardamom? Have you any cardamom stored somewhere? Better take a second look before it expires! If you do have them, you will want to know – how is cardamom used? Here, I will share with you the various ways to use them and its health benefits. Once you know them, you will have no problem utilizing your cardamoms and may end up buying more. Here goes…

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Fresh Herbs vs Dried Herbs

Fresh Herbs VS Dried Herbs – How to Substitute Fresh Herbs with Dried

While dried herbs are easily available in our kitchen, fresh herbs might not. Unless you have your own herbs garden. Since fresh herbs do not last, most of us will only keep the dried version. How many times have you used a recipe only to find out that fresh herbs are needed? Sometimes, this put me off. Therefore, it is good to know how to substitute fresh herbs with dried.

Knowing how to substitute, you will always be able to cook your favourite dish without omitting the herbs. It does make a difference in taste and aroma. Furthermore, you will reduce wastage too. Buying fresh herbs, mostly come in a bundle. What to do with leftovers? May end up in waste.

Actually, there are ways to extend the life of fresh herbs and things we can do with leftover herbs. Read on to find out.

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What Spices are in Cajun Seasoning

What Spices are in Cajun Seasoning

Updated OCTOBER 1, 2018

What is Cajun Seasoning? I am pretty sure most of you know what it is but are you not curious to find out, exactly what spices are in it? When you know what they are, it will be great to make your own because there are many benefits to it. And, what if you run out of Cajun Seasoning when you need it? Don’t worry. There is an easy substitute for Cajun Seasoning. Read on to find out.

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There are many different ways to use herbs and adding to your smoothie is one healthy way

Different Ways to Use Herbs – Here is ONE Easiest and Healthy Way

Updated SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

We know that adding fresh herbs to our home-cooked meals make the food more intense and interesting too. The problem is when buying fresh herbs, there is always a minimum amount for the purchase. Usually, I end up with more than what’s needed for cooking a particular dish. How about you? If you have the same quandary, read on as I am going to share different ways to use herbs. You know what? Let's talk about ONE way – the easiest and healthy way to use up your leftover fresh herbs. Towards the end of this article, I'll leave you a few links to other usages of herbs.

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