If You Don’t Know What is a Bouquet Garni, You’ll Lose a Lot of Amazing Flavours

Some of my friends know that I love reading recipes. Yes, it is what I do during my downtime. And of course, with a cup of coffee in hand. Recently, I came across the word – bouquet garni. What a pretty name this is but I have no idea what was it precisely. Do you? Well, let’s find out the definition of bouquet garni. I will also share with you how to make your own and use it to cook delectable dishes like a trained chef.

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Find out how to treat acne naturally using herbs and spices readily available from your kitchen

Teenage Acne Treatment

Help! There is an outburst at home. What do you think it is? It is one of the worst nightmares for any teenager. Yes, acne outburst. Before you run out to the nearest pharmacy to buy an over the counter medication for teenage acne treatment, you will want to find out how to treat acne naturally.

Herbs and spices have been used for medicinal purposes all over the world for centuries. They are the best gifts Mother Nature provides. So, let’s find some natural ways to clear acne using herbs and spices.

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Gift Ideas for People Who Like to Cook - visit cornerofmyhome.com

Affordable and Useful Gift Ideas for People Who Like to Cook

Updated FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Who loves to cook? I do. And I am sure you have a friend or family member who loves to spend time in the kitchen. What comes to your mind when you are thinking of gift ideas for people who like to cook? I hear you asking, “Will they like the gift?”, “Are they going to use it?” and “What gift can I get that won’t break the bank?” Many thoughts need to be given into searching for the ideal gift – practical to the recipient and affordable for you.  Today, I do the search. You can sit back and select the gift from this list I have compiled. Read on…

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Make your own herb infused oil, prepared with love

About Herb Infused Oil – Make Your Own

Updated FEBRUARY 25, 2019

A few years back, I received a jar of herb-infused oil as a gift and it left an impression on me. It was not an expensive gift but what I love was that how something as simple as fresh herbs can be turned into a lovely gift. If you have more fresh herbs than you need for cooking, consider using them for infused oil. Let’s find out more about herb infused oil and how to make your own. It will be an enjoyable process for sure.

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Mace is a less common spice derived from nutmeg

What is Mace – A Less Common Spice Derived from Nutmeg


By now, you and I are very familiar with the common herbs and spices in our kitchen and what we can do with them. How about those less common? For this instance, Mace. You may know mace as the “mace spice” but I knew it by a different name – nutmeg “flower”. This was the name I’ve been told since young. I may have misunderstood or simply didn’t bother to find out. Well, I was just a kid then. Now, I found out that it actually comes from the nutmeg fruit itself. Let’s find out what is mace for and how can you use it for cooking? Does it have nutritional value benefiting your health? You must read on…

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Allspice is a single spice and Mixed spice IS the blend of several spices

Allspice Same as Mixed Spice – NO, they are NOT

Do not mistake allspice as the mixed spice because these two are totally different. I nearly made that mistake when following a recipe. It asked for mixed spice. At first thought, I wanted to grab the allspice but my doubtful and curious mind stopped me. I will share with you here, what they are and how to use them. You need to be careful of that first thought – Allspice Same as Mixed Spice. This could lead to an unpleasant taste. You don’t want this. Are you curious to know what I intend to cook or bake? Now, read on to find out…

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Find out the differences at cornerofmyhome.com

What is the Difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

Lately, I have seen many articles and blog posts about CBD Oil. No doubt, the health benefits that were mentioned are all very consistent. But what I want to share here is understanding of the words, terms or the scientific terms used. When words like hemp oil, cannabis oil and marijuana came up in the articles, among others, it got more complicated and I am confused. Are you? Worry not. I will explain in simple terms - What is CBD Oil? And also, what is the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil? Knowing this, you will benefit by choosing the BEST CBD Oil and rest assured, you pay for what’s worth.

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Planting herbs in the strawberry pot is the solution to grow a variety of herbs in small spaces

A Brilliant Way to Grow Herbs in Small Spaces

Updated FEBRUARY 22, 2019

If you love to cook, surely you would love to have fresh herbs in hand at all times. Living in an apartment with a tight balcony may prevent you from growing your favourite herbs. The same problem arises if you live in a house with a small yard. I am certain you have plenty of other greens to grow, fighting for valuable space. Have you seen a strawberry pot? Planting herbs in the strawberry pot is your solution. It is a brilliant way to grow herbs in small spaces.

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