Dogs can eat fresh herbs and spices but not all

Can Dogs Eat Herbs

My curiosity got the better of me and I found out something interesting. Here am I sharing with you how else to use your herbs – share with your dog! You will surely ask, ‘Really! Can dogs eat herbs?’. Why not? In fact, spices too.

Herbs and spices add delectable flavours to our home cooked meals and give us the nutritional boost. Should you have more than enough to use, why not share them with our four-legged friend. A dog needs nutrition too. Find out how to spice up its meal with herbs and spices, keeping it healthy and flavourful too. On the other hand, there are herbs and spices that can hurt your dog. Read on to discover which.

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Cardamom can be used in cooking, baking and in beverages too

How is Cardamom Used

The reason I bought cardamom was to cook one of my favourite dishes. And it was my bad for buying another pack before checking thoroughly. More so for storing it in the wrong kitchen drawer, not my usual spice corner. So now, what to do with the cardamom? Have you any cardamom stored somewhere? Better take a second look before it expires! If you do have them, you will want to know – how is cardamom used? Here, I will share with you the various ways to use them and its health benefits. Once you know them, you will have no problem utilizing your cardamoms and may end up buying more. Here goes…

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All-in-one herb garden starter kit to avoid the hassle of searching and buying the materials separately

Indoor Herb Garden for Beginners

You want to grow herbs indoors but do not know how. You want to have herbs at your fingertips when cooking your favourite meal but do not want the hassle of looking for the materials and buying them separately to grow your own. You want to give someone a unique gift but do not know what to get her or him. The solution to these is to get an all-in-one herb garden starter kit. Read on to find out the various indoor herb garden for beginners.

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Tray of Cinnamon Sticks and Ground Cinnamon

What are the Health Benefits of Cinnamon

The last I used my bottle of cinnamon was baking my favourite fruitcake during the year-end festive season. What did I do with the leftover cinnamon? Well, I didn’t waste it. Of course, not. I sprinkled a bit of it into my must-have morning cup of coffee. It was amazing, loved the aroma and taste. Now, it has become my favourite drink of the morning. Here comes my next question, what are the health benefits of cinnamon? I am pretty sure you would want to know.

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Use grow lights if there is insufficient natural light at window sill

The Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants – Especially Herbs

Sunlight is one of the essential elements required for plant growth. Thus, growing them indoor might be difficult to get enough, not to mention winter months. Living in an apartment without a balcony or on the shady side of the building where window sills receive limited natural light does not help either. So, the big problem here is not enough natural sunlight. In this case, you will need the best grow lights for indoor plants to help the growing process.

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Fresh Herbs vs Dried Herbs

Fresh Herbs VS Dried Herbs – How to Substitute Fresh Herbs with Dried

While dried herbs are easily available in our kitchen, fresh herbs might not. Unless you have your own herbs garden. Since fresh herbs do not last, most of us will only keep the dried version. How many times have you used a recipe only to find out that fresh herbs are needed? Sometimes, this put me off. Therefore, it is good to know how to substitute fresh herbs with dried.

Knowing how to substitute, you will always be able to cook your favourite dish without omitting the herbs. It does make a difference in taste and aroma. Furthermore, you will reduce wastage too. Buying fresh herbs, mostly come in a bundle. What to do with leftovers? May end up in waste.

Actually, there are ways to extend the life of fresh herbs and things we can do with leftover herbs. Read on to find out.

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Use a spice rack organizer to maximize space

Best Spice Rack Organizer 2019

Updated JANUARY 5, 2019

As our cooking knowledge and skill grow, we will be experimenting more with herbs and spices. Guess where this leads us to? Kitchen drawer or cabinet full of bottles and packets of herbs, spices and seasoning blends. There are chances that some of these will be on the kitchen counter too. No one wants a messy counter. Nor a cluttered drawer or cabinet.  The best cooking moments should NOT be spent searching through your cabinets. Therefore, an organized corner with a functional spice rack organizer will help. Read on and check out the Best Spice Rack Organizer 2019 I have collated for you.

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Use herbs and spices to reduce stomach bloating

Herbs and Spices for Bloated Stomach

The unpleasant feeling caused by a bloated and gassy stomach can get us down. It feels like a balloon expanding or a storm building up in your midsection. This bloated feeling can be common, particularly after eating a heavy meal or drinking too much. Flatulence and indigestion usually come with stomach bloatedness. Here I have for you, a quick solution to reduce stomach bloating and gassiness. The ingredients are readily available in your kitchen.

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5 Common Culinary Herbs and Spices that Relieve Stress

5 Common Culinary Herbs and Spices That Relieve Stress

Many of us manage stress by binging on food. I have to admit to being one of them. Ice-cream, cookies, chocolates, all the sweet stuff and munching between meals. Has it occurred to you that there are other healthier and natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety?

Having read a lot about herbs and spices for health and at the same time, there are still plenty of them in my pantry, the most logical thing to do is use these common cooking herbs and spices to relieve stress.

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