Give the gift of flavor for the home chef

Gifts for Home Chef

Having a home chef as a friend, you will go visit on an empty stomach. For sure, a scrumptious meal awaits. What gift should you bring along? A home chef already has all the basic equipment, tools and utensils for cooking but they love to experiment with ingredients. Looking for new flavours, taste and creating new recipes. Therefore, I suggest you give the gift of flavor. No matter you are invited to his/her home or celebrating a special occasion, a flavourful gift will be much appreciated. Surely, you are eager to find out what they are? Let’s go.

12 Gift Ideas for Home Chef

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1. Caravel Gourmet Salt collections – the infused sea salt sampler

Caravel Gourmet Salt Collections. A perfect gift for people who like to cook.

A perfect gift for people who like to cook. There are 6 individual reusable canisters with different flavors, all nicely packed in a reusable tin box. An adorable mini wooden spoon is included for ease of doling out the salt.

The 6 flavours are Smoked Bacon Chipotle, Hawaiian Bamboo Jade, 5 Pepper, Garlic Medley, Rosemary and Hawaiian Black Lava. Each canister contains approximately 0.5oz of sea salt.

2. Gustus Vitae Luxury Gourmet Seasonings, Spices & Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt Collection

These artisanal spice blends are carefully crafted in small batches, before hand-packed in unique magnetic tins. Each tin has a magnetic base that sticks to most metal surfaces thus they are within easy arm’s reach.

Ingredients used are non GMO, all natural, sustainably sourced, and free from MSG. It is good to know you can pronounce all the ingredients.

This collection includes the Taste of Bordeaux, Taste of Provence, Taste of Tuscany, Taste of Greece, Taste of Egypt, and special Italian Black Winter Truffle Sea Salt, made with at least 6% Italian Melanosporum Truffles.

3. Fresh Jax Smoked Spices Gift Set

Fresh Jax Smoked Spices Gift Set. They make great gifts for the home chef who like to experiment with flavours.

The 5 high-quality glass bottles are packaged with care into a beautiful gift box. The bottles are just the right size to sample the fun flavors. They make great gifts for the home chef who likes to experiment with flavors.

The flavor of the smoked spices is Mesquite Lime (2.0oz), Grill Master (1.3oz), Smoked Cherrywood (2.5oz), Campfire (2.5oz) and Smokey Southwest (1.6oz).

4. Urban Accents Butcher Shop Gourmet Grilling Spice Rub Gift Set

It is always the perfect time to give this grilling spices and rubs gift set to a foodie or chef friend.

Whatever the occasion, it is always the perfect time to give grilling spices and rubs to a foodie or chef friend.

The rubs are created from simple, clean ingredients, and is sugar-free and gluten-free. Get your chef friend to dish up some hearty, healthy food for you on your next visit 😉

The gourmet grilling spice trio includes Chicago Steak & Chop, Kansas City Classic Rub and Argentina Steak Rub.

5. The Silk Road Spice Blends Gift Set

Give the gift of culture. An opportunity for the home chef to create a global tasting experience using these exotic spice blends from The Silk Road.

Give the gift of culture. An opportunity for the home chef to create a global tasting experience using these exotic spice blends from The Silk Road.

All-natural seasonings, vegan, gluten-free ingredients, non-GMO and no preservatives blends that include Persian Advieh, Ethiopian Berbere, Egyptian Dukkah, Indian Garam Masala, Moroccan Harissa and Japanese Togarashi. 2oz of spice fills each can.

6. Mantova Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Variety Pack

Easy to use and full-flavoured, those who receive these flavoured olive oils will enjoy the healthy and delicious oils in a wide range of recipes.

This oil is a great gift for all the chefs in your life. Easy to use and full-flavored, those who receive this will enjoy the healthy and delicious oils in a wide range of recipes.

The variety pack consists of 4, 8.5oz bottle – Tuscan Herbs, Truffle, Garlic and Basil.

7. Truffle Hunter Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set

Truffle Hunter Truffle Oil Selection. A gourmet gift for your friend.

A gourmet gift for your friend. This set contains three of Truffle Hunter’s best-selling truffle oils – Black Truffle Oil, White Truffle Oil & English Truffle Oil in 3.38oz bottles.

While the Black Truffle Oil carries an intense and earthy flavor, the English Truffle Oil has a heady and earthy aroma, with a nutty finish (nut-free). The flavourful and garlicky White Truffle Oil is made with real White Truffles.

8. Ellora Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar in Spray Bottle Gift Pack

Perfect pair of oil and vinegar makes a perfect gift for a foodie. An avid fan of olive oil and balsamic vinegar will love this

Perfect pair of oil and vinegar makes a perfect gift. An avid fan of olive oil and balsamic vinegar will love this, in the spray bottle of 3.38oz.

This olive oil has a peppery flavor and the fruitiness of a true Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From the prized vineyards of the Island in Crete comes the Ellora Farms Balsamic vinegar, perfectly aged for the aroma and the luxurious indulgence.

Comes in beautiful packaging. The spray works nicely to the last drop with the innovative pump.

9. The Mini Asian Gourmet Gift Box

The Mini Asian Gourmet Gift Box is a perfect gift for adventuresome home chefs.

The perfect gift for adventuresome home chefs. This little array of oriental sauces are everyday needs if he/she likes cooking Chinese at home and will be much appreciated by those trying out Chinese cooking.

This gift box includes the famous Wok Mei All Natural Oyster Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Plum Sauce, and Heavenly Chef’s hard to find Hunan Red Chili Sauce.

10. Calivirgin Dipping Spices & Olive Oil Gift Set

Everything a foodie needs for the perfect bread dip. This olive oil & spices gift set comes packaged in a gift box worthy of all special occasions.

Everything a foodie needs for the perfect bread dip. The dipping spices is a blend of 5 diverse, gourmet flavours in an incredibly delicious spice mix, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, parsley & oregano.

This olive oil & spices gift set comes packaged in a gift box worthy of all special occasions, from the New Year’s to Christmas & everything in between.

The unfiltered Olive Oil comes in a 250ml Sampler bottle while the bread dipping spice blend is in an 85g tin container.

11. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

A great tasting fun gift set for a huge hot sauce lover and zombie fan.

A great tasting fun gift set for a huge hot sauce lover and zombie fan.

This variety pack contains 4 unique flavorful bottles of slow-simmered Louisiana style hot sauces made the old-fashioned Creole way.

This spicy hot sauce gift set is designed with top quality gift box materials and comes with a paperback copy of the “Zombie Cajun Chronicles”. This page-turner tells how the Zombie Cajun legend was started and includes Creole recipes for using the new sauces. Sure to please any Zombie enthusiast.

The 4 flavours of 6oz bottles are Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce, Lagniappe Hot Pepper Sauce, The Antidote Hot Sauce and Garlic Hot Sauce.

12. Hot Sauce Making Set

Hot Sauce Making Kit. This is a fun, creative, interesting and spicy gift all wrapped inside one box. One of the best gifts for a sauce lover or a cooking lover.

This is a fun, creative, interesting and spicy gift all wrapped inside one box. One of the best gifts for a sauce lover or a cooking lover. A gift different from the rest!

It is a complete hot sauce making kit that comes with 7 bottles of 2 different types (glass and plastic squeezable), a top-secret very scary ghost pepper, Ancho Pasillas, Chipotle and Habanero pepper, a bottle of apple cider vinegar and interactive recipe cards with instructions. Also, a 2-inch funnel, 2 pairs of gloves, 5 pH strips and 7 beautiful custom labels. Your friend gets to make the hot sauce right away at home.


These gifts ideas for the home chef will certainly be appreciated. Every one of them craves inspiration and receiving a gift of flavor inspires them to come up with many delectable flavor profile in their cooking.

I hope you and your friend will love these ideas as much as I love sharing with you.

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  1. My girlfriend isn’t a chef yet but she’s trying really hard to become one. Sometimes I feel for her as she’s not that professional chef that got an education from a culinary institution. But at least she got the determination to do it and I am amazed. With that, I’m thinking of giving her a gift this Christmas which is something she should enjoy like one of these items you’ve featured here. I will also be looking for recipes as well. Thanks for your recommendations.

    1. It is great that your girlfriend has the determination to succeed in becoming a professional chef. As I understand, it can be tough for a lady to work/compete in a professional kitchen dominated by men. I strongly suggest you get her to enrol in a proper culinary school. You may consider starting with Rouxbe Online Cooking School. Follow the link above to explore the options available. The Cyber Monday sale is worth enrolling now. 

      All the BEST! 

  2. Hi Sharon. Thank you for sharing this post on gifts I can get for home chef. I must admit the fact that I never had an idea of what gifts I would get for a friend home chef because I can buy something that I like but she won’t like it and that does not make a perfect gift.

    Your suggestions are fabulous; I love them

    Keep sharing

  3. Hmmm, so aromatic.

    I am a fan of spices. Whenever I am preparing a meal, I always add spices for more flavours.

    Hey Sharon, these recommendations are really nice and fancy because I haven’t seen most of these too. Among these, I’d choose for her the dipping spices & oil set. Some of these will be very much appreciated by me too (a gift for myself) 😊

    Best regards!

    1. Yes, please. Get a gift for yourself too!

      These ideas are not only for gifting but for anyone of us who loves food and cooking. 

  4. I have a friend who is learning to become a chef. She has not joined any school yet, she just takes classes from the internet, I find your gifts to be very wonderful. I am thinking of buying the FRESH JAX SMOKED SPICES GIFT SET for her. I should refer her here. She might also be interested in the school you pointed out here. At least, she would not need to be taking only YouTube classes.

    1. That’s wonderful, Henderson. Rouxbe is a proper online cooking school which your friend should explore. Take advantage of the Cyber Monday Sale (expires 3 December) with 40% discount. Should you missed the date, the normal monthly fee is only $9.99 per month. Moreover, there is a 7-day free trial. I believe it is definitely worth trying. Click here to visit the Rouxbe website

      All the BEST!

  5. My mum is a chef and I want to really get her a couple of things for this Christmas. Your ideas have been well received and this is exactly what I will be working with for this Xmas. I see that there are a number of spices here which goes with the theme of this post to add to the chef’s flavour. Thank you for the awesome Ideas. They are what I will use.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    This article is so related to me because I loves cooking! But most of the spices you shared I haven’t seen before. I’m newly married so, I really want to surprise my husband by making new dishes! And I must admit that your post enrich my knowledge about spices & other stuffs. Also, appreciate your gift idea, it’s awesome! I never had an idea like this. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I fall with them!

  7. It’s the time of the year. To get gifts for friends. And also to get invited to a few dinner parties. And when attending these parties, it is always nice to bring along a little gift. Your article offers great ideas for that.

    Spices! I never thought of that. I used to always buy a bottle of wine. I know. So typical, right? Now, I get ideas on what to buy for someone who cooks. I love it! Thanks so much, Sharon. Next time I am invited to a party or even just for dinner at a home chef, I will come back to your post.

    1. I used to do the same, a bottle of wine. It is good to get something different every now and then. Home chefs love to experiment with flavours and these gift ideas will be much appreciated. Cheers, Sharon

  8. Hello Sharon,
    I have a friend who is an excellent cook, and approaches the kitchen the way an artist approaches a canvas. She sees cooking as an opportunity to release her creative side and has even spoken of someday opening her own restaurant. This post is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to give the perfect gift for the chef in their life. Thanks for sharing.

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