Organize your herbs and spice with a spicerack organizer and cook with ease

Do You Really Need a Spice Rack Organizer

As your cooking knowledge and skill grow, you will be experimenting more with herbs and spices. Guess where this leads you to? Kitchen drawer or cabinet full of bottles and packets of herbs, spices and seasoning blends. There are chances that some of these will be on the kitchen counter too. Surely, you don’t want a messy counter nor a cluttered drawer or cabinet.  Your best cooking moments should not be spent searching through the cabinet. Therefore, an organized corner with a practical spice rack organizer helps. Before you check out the spice rack organizer ideas below, read about the advantages of using an organizer and things to consider when buying yours.

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Give the gift of flavor for the home chef

Gifts for Home Chef

Having a home chef as a friend, you will go visit on an empty stomach. For sure, a scrumptious meal awaits. What gift should you bring along? A home chef already has all the basic equipment, tools and utensils for cooking but they love to experiment with ingredients. Looking for new flavours, taste and creating new recipes. Therefore, I suggest you give the gift of flavor. No matter you are invited to his/her home or celebrating a special occasion, a flavourful gift will be much appreciated. Surely, you are eager to find out what they are? Let’s go.

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Dry air can aggravate coughing. As humidifiers add moisture to the air, it can provide relief.

Is Humidifier Good for Cough

A persistent cough can ruin your day, not to mention a good night’s sleep. While over-the-counter medication or homemade cough remedies help, I remember inhaling vapor from a steam bowl relieved chesty cough during my younger days. Now, for convenience, people are turning to electrical devices for comfort. In this case, the humidifier, based on the same concept using vapor or moisture. You ought to know there are several types of humidifiers – warm mist and cool mist and further categorized into ultrasonic and evaporative. Before you get one, find out which type of humidifier is good for cough. But what if I tell you a humidifier can make a cough worse. I will explain as you read on.

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Fun & Unique Kitchen Gadgets Gifts Under $20

Fun & Unique Kitchen Gadgets Gifts

Looking for affordable gifts but fun and unique? Not only that, you want people who receive your gift to actually use it. Over the years, I have received gifts I hardly use. Being a stay-at-home mom, the kitchen is my common area and I know the following kitchen gadgets are fun and useful for people who cook often. Some of these gadgets you didn’t even know existed. Go on, check it out!

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Preserve your herbs. Get the best food dehydrator for home use.

What is the Best Food Dehydrator for Herbs

Dehydrating herbs is a great way and one of the simplest way to preserve your fresh herbs for use year-round. Whether you grow your own herbs or store-bought leftovers, surely you want to avoid spoilage and wastages. Dehydrating or drying herbs removes the moisture and it is in the dehydrated form that your herbs will keep longer. Moreover, when the season changes you need not worry about difficulty buying or growing.

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Reactive vs non-reactive pot. How to choose a cookware.

What is Non-Reactive Pot

I am a fan of cooking shows and seeing the chefs using different types of cooking pan makes me wonder if it is important to follow. Between a non-stick pan to stainless steel, Dutch oven and cast iron, how would you know which to use? It is confusing enough with pans or pots made of various materials and there appears a non-reactive pot. Have you come across following a recipe which calls on using non-reactive pot? Does it matter if you follow or not? It may not be a hard rule but definitely good to know so that you can decide wisely. Read on to find out exactly what non-reactive pot is. And find out how to choose cookware that suits your needs. There are a few recommendations that you may like to look at.

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Get your spices & seasoning bottles organized with these practical kitchen cabinet spice storage ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Spice Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

I don’t mean to call you a messy cook but there are people who work best in a messy environment. So long the food turns out great, it does no matter which environment you worked best, messy or neat and tidy. I enjoyed cooking more in a neater setting and at the end of the day, I like to see a clean and tidy kitchen countertop. Are you with me? Yes! In this case, you must read on to look at the kitchen cabinet spice storage ideas I am sharing today.

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Add greenery to your home. Use decorative indoor hanging planters to save space.

Decorative Indoor Hanging Planters

There is a refreshing way to bring your plants in and display indoors when season changes or where space is limited. Surely you will agree with me, hanging plants are beautiful and eye-catching. Does hanging indoor herb plants sound interesting to you? Well, there is a wide array of decorative indoor hanging planters to choose from and you could use them to grow your herbs indoors besides other indoor plants. I know you are eager to see these attractive planters. Let's get started and pick your favourite from the selection below.

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Bring your herbs close to you. Grow herbs indoor using vertical herb garden

Best Indoor Vertical Herb Garden 2019

Are you trying to bring your herbs closer to you? In your kitchen, at your fingertips? If space is a concern, you should consider growing your herbs vertically. Even if space is not the main factor, it is a beautiful sight to behold, seeing all your herbs growing healthily with a wonderful aroma inside your kitchen. Should you have a bad back like myself, tending to your herbs standing will avoid straining your back. Are you eager to look at the beautiful vertical herb planters available?  I am sure you do.

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