Best Electric Spice Grinder

Best Electric Spice Grinder 2020


When a recipe called for ground spices and what you have is in the whole form, what would you do? Skip that recipe even though you like it. Or quickly buy the ground spices? Or take out your mortar and pestle, add a bit of elbow grease. Honestly, I may probably skip that recipe. But you don’t have to do so. Get yourself an electric spice grinder!

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Unique & Useful Kitchen Gifts for Mom Who Loves to Cook

Unique & Useful Kitchen Gifts for Mom Who Loves to Cook

What gifts would mom love to receive? A mom who loves to cook will certainly like receiving kitchen gifts. Why? There are many useful and practical items for the kitchen and a mom can’t have them all. I know not all moms afford to buy utensils, equipment or tools needed for the smooth running of a home kitchen. It will be wonderful to receive such gifts. So, let’s get the ball rolling – get Kitchen Gifts for Mom Who Loves to Cook.

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Ensures your herb plants stay hydrated all year round

Self-Watering Indoor Herb Garden

The most sensible reason for having your own herb garden is being able to continuously acquire delicious herbs for cooking all year round. What would stop you from growing your own? The various common reasons are I don’t know how and limited space or sunlight. Other reasons may include forgetfulness – forget to water your plants, or the need to travel for work or leisure.

If you hesitated to grow your own herbs due to forgetfulness or travelling needs, the solution is to start a self-watering indoor herb garden. This ensures your herb plants stay hydrated all year round with minimum care. And you get to cook with pesticide-free herbs. Isn’t that great?

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Get the best slow juicer to make healthy and nutritious juices to boost your health

Best Slow Masticating Juicer To Buy 2019

When it comes to buying a piece of kitchen appliance, do you find yourself having a difficult time choosing the best? I certainly do. The various brands available, the range of models, designs and other elements need to be taken into consideration. Not forgetting the warranty and most importantly, the price tag. If you are reading this article, surely you are interested to find the BEST Slow Masticating Juicer to buy.

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Best Gifts for People Who Like Cooking. Useful to the recipient and affordable to you.

Affordable and Useful Gifts for People Who Like Cooking

Updated OCTOBER 25, 2020

Who loves to cook? I do. And I am sure you have a friend or family member who loves to spend time in the kitchen. What comes to your mind when thinking of gifts for people who like cooking? I hear you asking, “Will they like the gift?”, “Are they going to use it?” and “What gift can I get that won’t break the bank?” Many thoughts need to be given into searching for the ideal gift – practical to the recipient and affordable to you.  Today, I do the search. You sit back and select the gift from this list I have compiled. Read on…

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All-in-one herb garden starter kit to avoid the hassle of searching and buying the materials separately

Indoor Herb Garden for Beginners

Updated FEBRUARY 22, 2019

You want to grow herbs indoors but do not know how. You want to have herbs at your fingertips when cooking your favourite meal but do not want the hassle of looking for the materials and buying them separately to grow your own. You want to give someone a unique gift but do not know what to get her or him. The solution to these is to get an all-in-one herb garden starter kit. Read on to find out the various indoor herb garden for beginners. If you have a problem with mould, the solution is towards the end of this article.

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Use grow lights if there is insufficient natural light at window sill

The Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants – Especially Herbs

Updated FEBRUARY 22, 2019

Sunlight is one of the essential elements required for plant growth. Thus, growing them indoor might be difficult to get enough, not to mention winter months. Living in an apartment without a balcony or on the shady side of the building where window sills receive limited natural light does not help either. So, the big problem here is not enough natural sunlight. In this case, you will need the best grow lights for indoor plants to help the growing process.

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Frozen Fruit Smoothies Blender helps make the smoothest smoothie

What is the BEST Blender for Making Smoothies

Updated FEBRUARY 21, 2019

Before this, I wrote an article about using your common cooking herbs to make smoothies. It is one of the easiest and healthy way to use up your fresh herbs. If you have missed it, click here to read more. There, I shared 5 simple steps and ingredients ratio to make a healthy smoothie without a recipe. One of the ingredients is frozen fruits. You will be asking – What is the BEST Blender for Making Smoothies with Frozen Fruit. Look no further. Here is my review for your easy reference, very much based on practicality and affordability.

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Affordable and Practical Tool to Grind your Own Spices

What is the BEST Spice Grinder – Affordable and Practical


The problem of following certain recipes is that some called for seeds and others powder such as cumin seeds or in powder form. Which would you buy? I bought both for the simple reason that I forgot having the seeds form in the first place. If I know, will I grind my own? Will you? Pretty sure I will if I have an affordable and practical tool to do it. Which leads to – What is the BEST spice grinder? Surely, you will want to know. Read on to discover. Also, find out the benefits of grinding your own spices and some tips on grinding.

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Barbecue Grill

Weber Charcoal Grill Review

BarbecuingUpdated JULY 1, 2019

Seeing my neighbour having a barbecue in their front yard seems so enjoyable. It reminds me of my childhood when my family with all the cousins and I built a DIY barbecue pit using bricks and wire fencing as the cooking grate. That is two bricks stacked up on each side, put a wire fence on top and charcoal below. Fire away! There you go, simple days…

Should I do the same with my kids now? Probably not. Although it is a good experience, I wouldn’t want to cause a mess with the ash blown all over. I guess it is time to search for a charcoal barbecue grill.

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