Christmas Wreaths for Front Door

Christmas is coming! It is often said to be the most wonderful time of the year. And the busiest! Would you agree? House cleaning, decorating, baking and menu planning if you are hosting dinners or luncheons. Of course, there are gifts buying to do too.

Still trying to figure out what to buy? Check out my easy handmade Christmas gift ideas using your herbs and spices.

Last but not least, surely you remember the front door needs to be decorated to welcome both family and friends. Make something different this year, a Christmas Herb Wreath!

A welcoming Christmas Wreath at the front doorThose visiting will walk to the doorstep and be greeted with a beautiful fresh herb wreath. Besides, it can be a decoration piece in the living area.

The kitchen is another perfect area as herbs will be within reach should you need them for cooking! Smells amazing too and as the herbs gradually dry out, you may still continue to use them.

Additionally, consider making a smaller version as a centrepiece for the dining or entryway table.

Herb wreaths are fairly easy to make and cheap too. With so much spending during the holiday seasons, it is a good idea making your own Christmas wreaths for the front door and home decor.

People will be impressed by homemade fresh herb wreaths and the natural greenery in your home.

Christmas wreaths as home deocr

Let’s do this.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths

Gather the whole family to create a masterpiece for your front door. It is a great moment for family bonding.

You will need

Optional – add colours to the wreath


Grapevine Wreath on Amazon
Grapevine Wreath on Amazon

Step 1. Choose a herb to become the base/body of the wreath. It could be rosemary or sage depending on your preference and amount of herbs you have. You will need more to cover the entire frame.

Begin covering the frame using twist ties.

Step 2. After making the base, you can begin decorating with individual sprigs or small bunches of herbs.

Simply poke individual sprigs into the wreath and secure them with floral wire.

Alternatively, combine 2 or 3 different herbs to create small bunches using rubber bands. After which, add each bunch to the wreath, securing them with floral wire.

Continue adding till the whole wreath is covered with herbs. Take your time to try out different placement or combinations of herbs.

Step 3. Symmetrically or randomly secure the spices, fruits or Christmas ornaments on the herb wreath using floral wire.

Step 4. The last thing to do is tie a twine, string or ribbon to the top and hang your beautiful Christmas herb wreath onto the door.

Hanging Christmas Wreaths

Be creative, be exciting – there are limitless ways to make your own Christmas wreaths. Have fun and enjoy the family time.

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Too busy to make one

Do not let this be a reason not getting a Herb Christmas Wreath for your home. This is a great Christmas gift too.

You can easily buy on Amazon.

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Short History Notes About Wreaths

The tradition of hanging Christmas wreaths originated from the Romans who hung wreaths on their doors as a mark of victory and their status in society.

The women wore them as headdresses as an emblem of pride. Also, during special occasions such as weddings.

Furthermore, the victors of sporting events in ancient Greece were given laurel wreaths. In the modern Olympics, it is still used as a decorative symbol in the games and on the victory medals.

That is All for Now

Making your own Christmas wreaths for the front door may take time but consider the outcome. Visiting family and friends will find this inviting and merry.

Not only will you be creating your art piece, but you are also creating valuable family time. Your children will be more than happy to lend a hand or two.

Make one for the front door and another for the kitchen. The herbaceous aroma will lift the ambience of your home.Gourmet Gift Baskets

After the year-end celebration, the herbs can still be used in cooking for a couple of weeks. Make sure to relocate it to a cool dry place.

Spread the holiday spirit! Make one or two for gifting.


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Please Comment

Will you be making your own Christmas wreath this year? It is definitely alright should you decide to buy instead. If you have any other door decorating ideas, share with us in the comments section below.

Merry Christmas!

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18 Replies to “Christmas Wreaths for Front Door

  1. Hi Sharon, that time of year is fast approaching and I’ll be honest it quite often creeps up on me and before you know it, it’s too late to do anything original. This year I have decided to try and be better prepared. This looks to be an ideal solution to create something that is unique and can be designed to your own liking. Your instructions are very easy to follow and straightforward.

    The chances are my wife will be the one to follow through though, as she is the more creative. When I was young making the decorations was more of a tradition. Joining paper strips together to make chains. One other thing we used to do was thread popcorn. Long pieces or thread with hundreds of pieces of popcorn on. They looked good and it was fun to eat them as you made them. 

    1. Oh, I didn’t know about threading popcorn. My kids will surely go ‘crazy’ over this. Thanks for sharing and I shall do this with my family.

      Have a Merry Christmas in advance.

  2. Hello there, thanks for putting out this article as the Christmas season approaches we all are doing our best to make it the best Christmas, from decoration to cleaning, baking. but the most important part of decorating cannot be overemphasized. also, I never knew someone could make a Christmas wreath although buying one from the one listed would be better 

    1. If it is difficult finding time to make one, then it is alright to buy. Although it can be fun making it yourself with the family. Cheers!

  3. Wow!  this is awesome. Can hardly wait to make the wreaths by myself, I hope it will be perfect by the time I have done with it, so as to put it on my front door.
    Thanks for the tips, they are so easy to follow. …I feel like a bonehead that I haven’t thought of this
    myself! Merry Christmas in advance and thank you for posting this!

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative article. The timing of this article is just great.

    Indeed, we are nearing the amazing part of the year and your recommendation is amazing. Fresh herb wreath is an awesome idea.

    Entrance, kitchen and dinning table are the best places to have it. I never thought of the dinning table. Thanks for the step by step instructions on making the Christmas wreath.

    For sure this is on my list. The history about the wreath is an eye-opener and I am not aware it.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

  5. So thrilled to have found your site Sharon! This is such a wonderful idea in so many ways. Christmas has become so commercialised and a period of rush, spending and waste. As you say in your post, creating a home-made wreath is a wonderful opportunity for quality time with the family.  And I can only imagine the beautiful smells to add to the home! I would also imagine this would be a wonderful gift for family and friends.

    I am excited to try and make this with my daughter this year but am equally excited to find out more about herbs and spices in general – again, pretty thrilled to find your website.  Thanks for a wonderful post!

  6. Hello Sharon, compliment of the season to you!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post on Christmas Wreaths for Front Door. During this festive period, there is usually a lot of spendings. Making these Christmas Wreaths at home would be nice, it will save us some money and it will be fun too.

    Best regards!

  7. These Christmas Wreaths are really beautiful for use. I love them. Thanks for showing us the step by step instructions with which we can make it at home easily.

    I never had an idea about the history of wreaths. So I learnt not only how to make these wreaths but also the short history notes about Wreaths.

    Good vibes!

  8. I truly enjoyed reading this article. And I learned a lot about the Christmas wreath. I like the idea of the Christmas herb wreath. All those herbs and spices definitely will bring a nice and sweet aroma to the home.

    And you are right. Creating one with the family can be great bonding time. Maybe I will do that when my little niece is a little older.

    Just a few questions, since this is so new to me:
    1. Will the scent of the herbs and spices last till Christmas?
    2. How long will it last?
    3. If the scent dissipates, what do we do to make the scent again?

    Look forward to your kind advice. 🙂

    1. Hi Tim,

      The herbs wreath can last a couple of weeks. Relocate the herbs to a cool dry corner and as the herbs dry you may use them for cooking. Normally, I use rosemary to make infused oil for hair care use. Read more about it here.

      The spices I used, cinnamon and star anise will be combined with cloves and whole black pepper into an open container. Placed at corners of my house to repel insects, especially house lizards and spiders. Here is an article about using spices to repel spiders.

      Hope this information helps.


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